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Driver CPC

Driver CPC

Wide choice of modules and dates to suit your business needs.

Licence Acquisition

Licence Acquisition

Our driver training academy caters for businesses and individual learners. 



Training with and without tanks and online exams for faster results.




Want to grow your own talent? Check out our range of apprenticeships from logistics to business admin.

Driver Match

Driver Match

Matching employers with newly-qualified drivers who are looking for a job as a truck driver.  



Our mobile simulator replicates real-life scenarios and is used to deliver a wide range of courses, including DCPC.

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Customer Hall of Fame

  • Jason Holtby, Warrendale Farms

    Jason Holtby, Warrendale Farms


    This will allow me to do a lot more on site. The instructors were very professional.

  • Daniel Fearnside, private

    Daniel Fearnside, private


    With my new licence I will be able to earn more money. The training was great and the instructors were really helpful.

  • James Thornton, Warrendale Farms

    James Thornton, Warrendale Farms


    I am the director of Warrendale Farms so I took my test first to set a good example. The training was excellent.

  • Tim Simons, private

    Tim Simons, private

    Cat C

    Now I have my licence I will be able to earn a higher wage and do more at work. All of the training was great.

  • David Taylor, private

    David Taylor, private


    The training was great and will really help me with my job.

  • Shaun Macrae, Newland Express

    Shaun Macrae, Newland Express

    Cat C

    The training was brilliant. Getting my Cat C licence will allow me to do more at work and get a payrise.

  • Thomas Messruther, private

    Thomas Messruther, private


    The training was very good. I was nervous for my test but it went well and I only got 2 minors.

  • Emily Dring, private

    Emily Dring, private


    I will now be able to take my horse further afield and maybe even get another one. The instructor was great and the test was not too bad.

  • Phil Gray, Wren Kitchens

    Phil Gray, Wren Kitchens


    Now that I have this licence I will be able to do longer journeys and more hours at work. The training was excellent.

  • Richard Duell, Wren Kitchens

    Richard Duell, Wren Kitchens


    I am really glad I passed as I will get more opportunities at work. The instructor was great. I only got 2 minors so I cannot fault the training.

  • Stacey Smith, Howdens

    Stacey Smith, Howdens

    Cat C, Mod 4, C+E

    I am so happy I have passed as it will allow me to do more at work. My instructor gave me some great advice before the test which saved me.

  • David Morton, MKM

    David Morton, MKM

    Cat C

    I really love my job and this licence will allow me to stay on even longer. The training was excellent.

  • Louis Lambert, Hull Plant

    Louis Lambert, Hull Plant

    Cat C

    The training was really good. My instructor Tony was friendly and the examiner made me feel relaxed. 

  • Luke Hales, Hull

    Luke Hales, Hull

    Cat C

    I work at a seafood factory and this will allow me to do more at work. The training was great and I cannot wait to celebrate.

  • Ellen Venton, horse owner, Elvington

    Ellen Venton, horse owner, Elvington


    We went through everything that was required for the test. Anything I was not sure about I got the chance to go over again so I was confident on the day.

  • Daniel Turner, private

    Daniel Turner, private

    Cat C

    My dad is a lorry driver so I have heard good things about driving as a career. I wanted to be my own boss for a change. The training was excellent.

  • Chris Jordan, offshore oil and gas worker

    Chris Jordan, offshore oil and gas worker

    Cat C

    I am looking to do something when I retire from my current job in about a year. The training was excellent. I got all the support I needed and felt confident going into my test.

  • Lauren Wilson, Cottingham Parks Equestrian Centre

    Lauren Wilson, Cottingham Parks Equestrian Centre

    Cat B+E

    The training was great and I was really happy with it all. I would highly recommend TIR.

  • Luke Newman, Howdens apprentice

    Luke Newman, Howdens apprentice

    Cat C, C+E

    Howdens extended this opportunity so I applied and was lucky enough to get chosen. Driving has always been in my family. My Dad was also a lorry driver with Howdens.

  • Matthew Cocken, Appleyards of East Yorkshire

    Matthew Cocken, Appleyards of East Yorkshire

    Cat C+E

    I am a removal driver so this will help a lot with my job both here and abroad. Ian was a great instructor.

  • Jonathan Watts, Hull

    Jonathan Watts, Hull

    Cat C

    I really wanted to be a lorry driver so decided to get my licence. Tony and Simon were excellent instructors.

  • Deborah Kay, private

    Deborah Kay, private


    I saw your stand at Driffield Show and decided to book. Ian instilled confidence in me during my lessons and put me at ease.

  • Stephen Fletcher, private

    Stephen Fletcher, private


    It was a really friendly environment to learn in and the equipment was excellent. My instructor was very clear and made it easy to learn.

  • Mark Lennon, Howdens

    Mark Lennon, Howdens

    Cat C

    I have done all of my training with TIR and it has been great. I will be back to do my C+E.

  • Emma Newham, Scarborough

    Emma Newham, Scarborough

    Cat C

    This will allow me to travel to agricultural shows with my 11 horses. The training was excellent - I might even be back to do my C+E.

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